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The First Family | Woodbridge, Occoquan Family Photographer

This is the First Family. The first family I ever photographed. I had this coworker who sat on the other side of the cubicle wall. I remember overhearing her talking to a family member and that her sister was going into labor. I was a budding family photographer and needed babies for my portfolio:) So I told my coworker to tell her sister that I’d be happy to do newborn shots when they were ready, for free and to ask if her sister was interested. I’m pretty sure I had an email from her sister the next day.

Well, here we are five and half years later. I’ve photographed this awesome family pretty much every year since 2008. I’ve seen these kiddos growing up and it’s just awesome.


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Fall Fun and BFFs Sneak Peeks | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Ok, attempting to work backwards again! So here are some sneak peeks from my last family session a few weekends ago.

Miss C and Miss A are bffs. Clearly:) These little ladies attend the same daycare and truly have a connection. So when we needed to reschedule Miss A’s family session, I thought why not do it right after Miss C’s family session and get some overlap of the girls together. It couldn’t have worked out better until Miss C had to leave. Sorry about that! She was not happy to be leaving her bff after such a short amount of time together. Luckily they got to see each other at daycare the next day. All I can say about these two is that they were in a state of bliss together!

We’ve also got a few peeks of the individual family sessions here. I remember Miss C’s mom thinking we wouldn’t get any smiles out of her. No problems there. And the matching family kerchiefs/outfits … LOVED IT! Especially gangsta style:)

And Miss A’s family had some fairy fun and a little Xmas prep. Love these two families and their girls:)



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