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Paws Plus | Project 365

Cute paws plus a goofy face.

IMG_5298 IMG_5302 IMG_5303

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Ten Minutes | Project 365

Oh, if only I had left 10 minutes earlier! Last night I met a friend for dinner at National Harbor. National Harbor is a GREAT spot to catch the sunset. I know this. But didn’t think ahead to pay attention. When I left the office at 5:30 a spectacular sunset was in the works. Damn! By the time I arrived at National Harbor the sunset was just about over. If i had just been there 10 minutes earlier.  I did catch, literally, the last seconds of it. One thing taking a photo everyday is about is awareness. Or in this case, the lack thereof.


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Snow Globe | Project 365

Got a bit more snow last night. Not enough to create any real hassles and it could be worse. Four years ago we were about to be hit with back to back blizzards. But this morning the sun was shining brightly, so I’ll take a sunny cold day over a gray cold day. I noticed the wind was blowing snow off the pine tree next to our house and it looked like a snow globe. Snowflakes swirling all around. It’s a little tough to see here. I wasn’t about to go outside and try and get this photo! Too cold:)


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Brrrrrrrds | Project 365

And we’re back to butt-ass cold. Saw these birds huddled on a cable this morning. And yes, the sky was pretty much that gray. We are in the grips of winter. And I get that in order to truly appreciate the warmth and beauty of Spring, Summer and Fall, we have to live through Winter. And I try to find the beauty of the season but I’m over it. Ready for Spring!


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Balmy | Project 365

It’s about 40 degrees this morning and it feels downright balmy! Even the breeze feels warm. Thank you Mother Nature for a brief reprieve from the butt-ass cold.


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Apricity | Project 365

This morning as I was perusing Pinterest I came across this …

2a4cbc694733880f430b4ddc8835b6c7So it gave me the idea to capture some apricity … in the house. Yeah, 21 degrees outside. I don’t think I would actually find any apricity outside this morning! However, I do believe you can see it here:) Along with some kickass lens flare!


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Cat Selfies | Project 365

Cat Selfies!! God I love the internet. Mostly for the silly animal stuff. Someone posted a bunch of cat selfies the other day and I was like oh yes, Lenny and Lucy need some selfies. Now, of course, whenever I pull out the camera or phone, they turn their heads in disgust. They just don’t want to cooperate. The other cats in the selfies were reaching out, looking at the camera, like you would do in a selfie. Anyway, this was the best I got for now. They’re off the hook for now but I’m sure I’ll be doing more and posting them to Facebook.

IMG_5258 IMG_5263

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Peeks Around – Shawn’s Office | Project 365

These are just two shelves in Shawn’s office. There’s a lot to see and take in so there will have to be a series of Peeks Around for Shawn’s office. It’s challenging to get around in there right now as well because there’s like 30 plants in there. Anyway, two shelves, lots of books (can we say Tolkien fan?) and little toys from his childhood.

Shelf_1 Shelf_2

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September Sunshine | Purcellville, VA Photographer | Project 365

Another frigid day means we need another reminder that this will go away and soon enough it will be a sunny, gorgeous, warm day in September, Just like the day I did Rachel’s photoshoot.

Wow! What a gorgeous day and amazing photo shoot this was! Rachel was in need of some headshots, yoga shots and other promo kind of shots for her new website and her blog When we met she said that she simply wanted the photos to show her fun and cheery personality. No problem! I met Rachel in yoga teacher training five years ago and if there’s anyone who is fun, bubbly and cheery, it’s her.

We met at Fields of Flowers in Purcelleville. Rachel is like a gorgeous flower in bloom so why not a flower farm, right? Plus there was a cool red barn and an awesome field to get those expansive, totally free and liberated yoga shots. But oh my, there were some gnats!

R_Yoga_7 R_Yoga_5 R_Yoga_4_A R_Yoga_3_A R_14_A R_10_A R_5_A

Then we went to her in-laws place also in the Purcelleville area. Uh, yeah, can I shoot all my clients here??? The home, farm, woods, art installation, it was all amazing. What a gorgeous place. By the time we started shooting here things were totally flowing.

R_17_A R_20_A R_22_A R_Yoga_1_BS R_Yoga_8_A R_Yoga_11 R_Yoga_14_A R_Yoga_15 R_Yoga_17_A

I’m not sure what I said to Rachel to get this shot but if this doesn’t capture her joyful and fun personality I don’t know what does!


And Rachel was so awesome to indulge me. I had been wanting to get some woodland nymph/fairy type shots with a tulle skirt. I made the skirt, we pieced together the fun costume and then went into the woods. It could not have worked out any better. I think she must secretly put on a tulle skirt and frolick around in the woods at dusk. This was all so natural for her. Thank you Rachel!

R_Nymph_12 R_Nymph_11 R_Nymph_10_A R_Nymph_9_A R_Nymph_8_A R_Nymph_7_A R_Nymph_6_A R_Nymph_4_A R_Nymph_3_A R_Nymph_1_A

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Reminder of What’s to Come | Project 365

Because it’s frozen and cold, like -5 with the wind chill cold, here’s a reminder of what’s to come in about 7 months or so.


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