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Jasmine | Project 365


I’m finding that macro shooting is hard. Very hard. There’s so much movement and camera shake that I need to try this with a tripod.  But I’m kind of over playing with one lens. I really want to do some sessions. Some Goddess sessions would be awesome.

Anyway, this is a jasmine flower. The jasmine blooms throughout the winter although not quite as much and not as many flower, but blooms nonetheless. Here are the qualities and aspects of jasmine:

Energetic properties: peace, deeper meditation, focus on goals, manifestation and wisdom. Jasmine brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. It helps you concentrate on your highest aspirations.

Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, a favorite of the angelic realms.

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Bling |Project 365


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Leaf | Project 365


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Snowflake | Project 365

MORE snow today. My best attempt to get a snowflake image. Had to crop this in and sharpen it but it’s better than the first time I tried a few weeks back. Ok, Winter, please leave now.



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Alien | Project 365


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Hidden Treasures | Project 365

So sometimes you don’t really notice what’s around you until you magnify the hell out of it. Playing with the macro this week.

macro_1A macro_2A macro_3A macro_4A macro_6A macro_7A

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Bloomingdale | Project 365

So when I decided I was done playing with the Lens Baby for the blog and determined today would be the last day, who knew it would be the day I nail it. The photo of Ganesha below is the culmination of playing with the LensBaby every day for the last 3 weeks. The idea with the LensBaby is that you have a sweet spot that is totally in focus and the outsides of the image are softly blurred. I got the sweet spot on Ganesha and in doing that enhanced that 3-D effect going on. The Ganesha head is obviously on wood or something and adhered to the wall. So it’s gonna pop. But I really think in nailing this sweet spot it popped even more.


I was in DC yesterday for a photo session. I tend to get a little (or a lot!) nerved up about driving into the city. I don’t know my way around very well at all. So if for some reason I make a wrong turn I’ll be lost! But this time I had great directions and actually somewhat knew where I was going. It was a piece of cake! Yay! Empowerment:)

I pulled onto U St from First, saw a great parking spot, whipped around and snagged it. Then I looked up and saw this.


If that’s not a sign that says park here, you’ll be good, I don’t know what is! That Ganesha spoke to me. It grabbed me and was like you are supposed to be here today and everything you are doing is taking you in the right direction. It was a sign on multiple levels.

Here’s a few more as I was walking around the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Love the row houses and all their flair and color. And it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday.

dc_5_A dc_6_A dc_4_A dc_3_A

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Alley | Project 365

Ok, I am officially bored with the LensBaby:) Not in a bad way. I just think I’ve played with it enough. I’m ready to move on. Tomorrow will be the last day I purposefully use it for the blog. For now … an alley in Shanty Town which is between Stink Town and Skid Row:) Ha! And more trees and wires!


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More Wires & Trees | Project 365

I really do have a thing for overhead wires. And naked trees. With the wires I love all the directional lines. With naked trees I love all the chaos of the lines. tree_2 wires_2

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Potions & Elixirs | Project 365

Just one shelf with potions and elixirs.


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