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Last of the Tulips | Project 365

These are the last of the tulips. I promise. Maybe. The tulips in our yard haven’t bloomed yet so there might be more.

So, clearly, I am a flower junkie. I love flowers and taking pictures of them. I love them when they’re tight little buds and I love them when they’re falling apart and dying.

Part of it is obvious. They’re beautiful. But the other part is that flowers are magickal. They have amazing energetic properties. And when you work with flowers and their essences and scents you’re mingling with faeries. In the world of faeries, flowers have important uses in the lives of the faeries and their magick.

The Spring Shawn was in the wheelchair, the yard didn’t get tidied up. So seeds from plants that hadn’t been cut back, had fallen and started to sprout. We spent the whole Spring curious, exploring, speculating and analyzing what was growing and what it could be. And it was awesome. So we still do it now. It’s a great way to stay very grounded in the present moment.

Anyway … the last of the tulips we have now.

mar_31_1_web mar_31_2_web


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Floppy | Project 365

We came home today to find the newest tulips flopped over. They ran out of water. But once again, I find these floppy tulips to be amazing. Of course, I want them to last longer, but these really do look cool.

mar_30_1_web mar_30_2_web

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Fading | Project 365

The flowers are fading. That’s the thing… they’re so short lived. A few days ago they were full of vitality and energy, radiating out into the room. Infecting us with their good vibes. And now they’re fading.

BUT … I find fading flowers gorgeous. I’m drawn to the shapes, movement and muted colors.

It’s all just the cycle of life. The same one that we’re living.

mar_29_1_web mar_29_2_web mar_29_3_web

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Green! | Project 365

Yeah! As I was looking through the kitchen window, I noticed how green it’s getting. Yay!!



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Looking Up | Project 365

The forecast is lookimg up. Maybe Sping is closer.


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More Crocus! | Project 365

These crocus told Winter to kiss their cro-cass! Winter buried them in snow but they’re tough.

crocus_4_web crocus_3_web

In case you didn’t know, those orange stamens or pistils (not sure which it is) eventually become saffron! I guess you dry them out and viola, saffron.

And here’s some cool stuff about Crocus …

Crocus enhances your abilities as a spiritual teacher and gives you the courage to begin teaching.

Crocus is associated with Archangel Raziel and the third eye and crown chakras.

Crocus gives you confidence and courage. It helps you take a leap of faith as you fulfill your purpose as a spiritual teacher.

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Crocus | Project 365

crocus_1_web crocus_2_web

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Sexy Tulips | Project 365

As my friend Lisa would say … sexy flower parts:)

tulips_6_web tulip_1_web

A few cool things about tulips:

Tulips have the energetic properties of grace, poise, calm and remove irritations, release anger and prevent interruptions.

Tulips are associated with Archangels Haniel, Raguel and Zadkiel and the root, sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras.

Tulips help clear out energies that cause annoyance and anger. These calming flowers help you relax and focus better. When you feel like you aren’t making any progress, the energy of Tulips help brings balance and everything comes back into order.

Again … they work!

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More Tulips | Project 365


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Tulips | Project 365

tulip_2_web tulips_3_web

Macro on the tulips!

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