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Voluptuous Vixen | Northern VA Boudoir Photographer | Project 365

Last weekend I transformed parts of the house into a studio for a boudoir shoot. Oo la la! Here’s an image that doesn’t give anything anyway other than I had one voluptuous vixen on my hands. And she rocked it!


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Petals and Pebbles | Project 365

apr29_1 apr29_2

That pink awesomeness from last week is being battered by rain today. And it’s only supposed to get worse tomorrow. Like monsoon worse. I was looking out the window at the deluge of rain and noticed that the petals were floating in pools of water. So I ran outside to catch that. You can’t really see the floating aspect but I thought the petals with the pebbles were pretty cool.

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Dynamic Duo | Project 365

Here’s the dynamic duo, bird watching.


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A Little Nature Walk | Project 365

A few years ago I remember lamenting to a friend that there was no place cool to walk. I like to walk for exercise, outside. You know fresh air, Vitamin D, nature. So usually I just walk around the neighborhood which is fine. But if I want a good walk and want to do a loop I have to walk along side one of the main roads where I live. A freeway basically. Six lanes of loud traffic and exhaust.

Less than a week later I was scouting a local park for a photo shoot and was like what the hell is wrong with me?! There is this beautiful park with trails and hiking areas and the river right here, 10 minutes away. So what if I have to drive there? And there you have it. Another gem in my backyard. Here are some scenes from today’s walk on just an amazingly beautiful day.

apr27_1 apr27_2 apr27_3

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A Break from All the Flowers | Project 365

With … a cat pic! Gotta love this guy!


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Dogwood | Project 365

And this is the Dogwood tree across from the pink amazingness at work.

apr25_1 apr25_2

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Pink! | Project 365

This is what I noticed walking into work today!

apr24_1 apr24_2 apr24_3

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Pansies | Project 365

pansy_3_web pansy_2_web pansy_1_WebI would say I’ve never necessarily been drawn to Pansies. Not sure why. But then Shawn started planting them around the gardens and I noticed how they live through most of the winter. Conditions that you would think, damn, how did a Pansy survive that? Isn’t the word pansy a derogatory reference to a weak man? I’m not sure where that came from but Pansies appear to be rather hardy. Anyway, Pansies are used to enhance clairvoyance and heal grief. This flower opens your third eye, the seat of your clairvoyance or intuition. I just had an energy healing session where I was told my third eye is nice and open. Wonder if all these Pansies hanging out helped with that:)

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Crawling | Project 365


Here’s some Vinca crawling up the brick by the front door. I looked up the flowers on Vinca and apparently they are Periwinkle flowers. Nothing in the Flower Therapy book about them so I went to another resource. I feel like I could spend all day, every day studying flowers and working with their magickal properties. Guess I’m gonna have to save that til I’m old or for another lifetime. This information is derived from Nature Speak by Ted Andrews.

Periwinkle: Signifies moving into a new life and rhythm. Trailing plants often encourage us to extend our efforts and not get stuck in a rut. This is periwinkle’s message as well. It speaks of opportunities to move into new rhythms. It was once known as the sorcerer’s violet. It’s essence awakens a new sense of coming into a new life. It is protective to the aura and has ties to the energies of love and immortality.

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Close Up | Project 365

Here’s what you see when you get close up to the inside of a tulip.

sexyflowers_2_web sexyflowers_1_web

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