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Tulip Tree |Project 365

Love the tulip tree! It’s in the Magnolia family and is sometimes called the tulip poplar although it’s not related to true poplars.


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Flower Obsession Continues | Project 365

And it will continue until around October when the frost comes along and ends it. Here are some Ranunculus. One website says they are prolific and terrific! I love that. And they are right. This is the first year we’ve had Ranunculus. I’ve seen them before and tried to figure out what they were. Not Zinnia, not dahlia. And then I would forget about them. Then on Pinterest … gotta love Pinterest … I came across an image and showed Shawn. He was like, Ranunculus, of course. I LOVE these flowers. Their common name is Persian Buttercup, which being half Persian, makes them all that much more awesome to me. I haven’t found anything on their metaphysical aspects yet but when I do there will be more images to go with that.

ranunculus_5_web ranunculus_4_web ranunculus_3_web ranunculus_2_web ranunculus_1_Web

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Cherry Blossom at Meadowlark | Project 365


More cherry blossoms from Meadowlark.

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Happy Flowers | Project 365

After a glorious, warm weekend, the weather turned south on us the other day. It was sleeting when I came home Tuesday night.

We didn’t want the tulips in the garden to perish so we cut them and brought them inside. Here they are thanking us for saving them from the cold. They hadn’t been open in two days but opened tonight to grace us with their beauty for a few more days.


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Baby Doves | Project 365

About 4-6 weeks ago, Shawn and I noticed some doves hanging out and building a nest. We’ve had doves build nests around the yard a number of times over the years. We know that some of the eggs hatched and may have seen a baby bird or two but never saw the babies flourish, grow and leave the nest.

Last year we came close until some nasty cardinals came in and murdered the babies so they could take over the nest! It was the craziest things. We knew there were baby doves in the nest and then suddenly they were gone. Shawn found a little baby dove dead and then he found a bird skull on the arbor basically in front of the nest. Like a warning … stay away or we will kill you too. The cardinals had their babies and every time we tried to take a peek the mother cardinal gave us the death stare.

But this year, the baby doves made it! The cardinals built their own nest in another tree. Last Friday we were out walking the grounds and we noticed that the baby doves were on the ground behind the tree. We were like what do we do? We didn’t want Bad Neighbor Kitty to come and kill the poor babies. We didn’t want anything to happen to these babies. Shawn was ready to rescue them and I was like no, wait until we look up on the internet what to do about this. Damn I love the internet!!

So, you don’t do anything. This is what happens. The babies leave the nest then spend a few days checking out things on the ground. All the while mama bird and her tribe are watching and she’s bringing them food. Then eventually they literally spread their wings and take off. Here’s a few pics of the baby doves hanging out on the ground.

birds_4 birds_3 birds_2 birds_1


They hung out very close to each other. A few days later I saw them fly from the ground to the fence. They came back to the nest area a couple of days after that and within a week or so they were gone. Mama bird is back in the nest keeping some new eggs warm.

Here are some metaphysical things about doves:

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. It represents love and was a symbol of Aphrodite. It’s a monogamous bird.

Doves call you to regain your serenity. They remind us to take a deep breath and release all our tension and stress. Doves urge us to take a look at our relationships, romantic, work-related and others. Doves remind us to reconnect with the spiritual aspects of our lives.

We love that doves have graced our home over the years!


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Early Morning Garden | Project 365


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Meadowlark Gardens | Project 365

Here’s a few Hipstamatic shots from Meadowlark Gardens. I had a family session out there Saturday afternoon and afterwards spent a bit of time wandering around. I’d been there once before, in the Fall. Actually, I went to their holiday light show too. Anyway, I found the coolest Asian inspired area. Perfect for a yoga session! And of course beauty all around.

apr_14_1 Apr_14_2 apr_14_3 apr_14_4 apr_14_5 apr_14_6 apr_14_7 apr_14_8

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Cherry Blossoms | Project 365

Since I didn’t make it to the Tidal Basin yesterday to get some Cherry Blossom shots here’s what I did get. A weeping cherry tree in full bloom up the street from the house. Just as pretty and way less crowded:)


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Sunrise | Project 365

This morning I had a photo session scheduled at the Tidal Basin. It was kind of an add on to Audrey and Tom’s engagement session to include the cherry blossoms. So I was up at 5:30 to pull myself together and get down there early enough to beat harsh light and crowds. Both were unlikely but we were gonna try. They ended up cancelling because they had an overly full plate for the day. I have to say I was bit relieved because it was going to be a challenge. And that’s early in the am to be taking on a challenge. So, Audrey and Tom, NO WORRIES:) Really!

BUT, it was 6:00 am and I was up. I had already had some coffee. And I was awake. And it was fairly warm outside. I couldn’t let the sunrise go to waste. I’ve been wanting to photograph a sunrise locally for awhile. I got a few at Kripalu a couple of years ago and at St Thomas when we were on vacation but never here at home. I take that back. I’ve gotten a few off the deck or through the window. I’m talking about some real sunrise pics, with some water for reflection.

I texted a friend of mine on the off chance she would be up at the ungodly hour. And she was. She’s a very early bird. She suggested Occoquan Bay Refuge. Less than 10 minutes from the house. And off I went. Out and about at 6:15 am. I felt oddly awake and alive. The coffee probably!

And here’s what I got.

sunrise_1_web sunrise_1a_web sunrise_1b_web sunrise_2_web sunrise_3_web sunrise_4_web sunrise_5_web sunrise_6_web

It was awesome. I ended up going to Belmont Bay which is next to the refuge. This is seriously right in my backyard. My backyard of 12 years!

On top of the watching and capturing the kickass sunrise, I came home, exercised and cleaned some before 9am. Damn! I’m so glad I did the opposite of my first inclination — going back to bed. Not only did staying up benefit me with amazing productiveness BUT doing something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile was a mental reset. It created forward momentum instead of staying stuck in old habits. I plan on holding onto that energy to start working out early in the morning this week!

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Peeks Around – Jasmine Lounge | Project 365

A few years ago it was popular on Facebook to check yourself in somewhere. I guess it still is but I don’t seem to see people doing it a lot anymore. Or maybe that’s because I don’t see anything from any of my friends on Facebook anymore but rather sponsored stuff. Anyway, one evening Shawn and I were enjoying cocktails in the oasis that is our backyard and I decided this oasis needed a name and that we needed to check ourselves into it. It’s possible I had named it already and then determined I could create my own place on Facebook and check us in. Either way, the Jasmine Lounge was born.

Here are some peeks around the Jasmine Lounge as well as the gardens from this evening during our walk around the grounds:) We’ve taken knick knacks that aren’t doing it for us inside anymore and put them in the garden where they fit in perfectly. We have some statues, broken stuff and sculptures of mine integrated. Shawn has been painting a lot of the stuff to make it look even cooler. He even painted a dead pine tree he was trying to bonsai blue. Something you’ll never get at our place is visually bored.

apr_11_8 apr_11_7 apr_11_6 apr_11_5 apr_11_4 apr_11_3 apr_11_2 apr_11_1

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