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Lovers Don’t Finally Meet Somewhere, They’re In Each Other All Along | VA/DC/MD Engagement Photographer

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.
Back in May of 2014 I photographed a very cool Alice in Wonderland themed costume birthday party at the O Street Mansion in DC. The costumes were awesome — lots of bright colors, personality and trippy stuff. Of course, because I was there to capture the event I was checking out everyone and their costumes. And I remembered seeing this one couple with steampunk style. I thought to myself, now that’s a hot couple. And I knew that they had found their life partners. It was their energy, the way they looked at each other, I could tell. And I really liked their style.

I can’t remember if later that year one of the hostesses of the party mentioned that they had gotten engaged or if I just assumed it had happened but I thought of them about 2 months ago. Wondering if they were married now. I was planning on reaching out to that hostess to find out. Two or three days later Christine messaged me about engagement photos. Not sure who picked up on who’s vibe and energy but talk about manifesting and the universe at work!

Christine and Keith wanted engagement photos that showed off their fun and kick ass style. Yes! So we met up at Theodore Roosevelt Island and then headed into Old Town Alexandria to capture not just their style but how much they truly adore each other. You’ll see, these images don’t lie. This is the real deal. I barely had to direct them at all, they just did their thing, expressed their love for each other. Just like the poem says … they were in each other all along.

We had so much fun. Great graffiti, almost like it was painted just for them and this day. Magic love potion in the forest. Dancing fun to just be silly and laugh. Secrets whispered in exchange for giggles.

Thank you Christine and Keith. What a wonderful afternoon. I’m still feeling the love and I absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding. I’m grateful every single day for how blessed I am.
















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Fun X Three – Northern Virginia Family Photographer

It’s Fall family photo session time. Time to get photos for cards, gifts and simply to document where everyone is, right now. And family sessions are always fun. I’m sure the parents may have a different take on “fun” but I always find watching the hilarity of kiddos fun. Last week I had fun x three, with three great kiddos.

And here’s the thing. When you’re 9, 6 and 3, being goofy and silly is the only way to be. At that age, why should you be serious? We all know there’s plenty of time for that. Plus the time will come when a kid will be horrified at the prospect of busting out a dance move or twirling around. Probably somewhere around 13:)

I have two younger brothers and for years my mother couldn’t get a photo of either of them without them making “The Face.” Tongue jammed up inside the lower lip making an amazing lump right above their chin. Classic. Sometimes I would join in but as “The Face” persisted I became a teenager and was like, yeah no, that’s not gonna happen anymore. And this went on for years. Beyond “The Face” there was general mayhem and goofiness that comes with three kids. And today those memories are the ones we remember. My 81-year-old father likes those memories the best. And seeing him smile and laugh because of our juvenile antics is one of the best things ever. We don’t sit around and talk about how fun it was in school or in church or the time we went to Olin Mills for photos unless there was some antic involved and with two brothers there usually was. We laugh about the goofiness (40 odd years later) and still make “The Face.”

So what’s my point? I guess it’s to hold onto our inner 9, 6 and 3 year old. You really need them to keep things light and not let this crazy world get to you.

Back to this awesome family. I loved every minute of hanging out with them. The outfits mom chose were perfect (LOVED the chucks!) and they are just a beautiful family. I hope they look back on these images in about 10 years and feel the same energy of this afternoon. I’m grateful that they chose me to document this afternoon in their lives.





























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Welcome to the World – Northern Virginia Newborn & Family Photographer

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing a new family. I had met mom when we did bridal portraits last year (one of these years I will be updating my wedding and bridal portfolio!) and their little man was born just a few weeks ago. What I loved about this session was the absolute, total chill and relaxed vibe. The baby was laid back, the parents were laid back, the cats were laid back … until the end. There was a bit of a kerfluffle between the cats at one point but that’s what cats do. And they have the coolest brick wall in their house:)

Anyway, we had a good time getting shots of mom and dad loving on the new baby. As photographers we have an arsenal of poses, set ups, etc… to get a variety of shots. One of them is to have the couple look at each other. I loved this couple because when I asked them to do that, it was kind of like, look at each other? But they did it and then cracked up afterwards. And I LOVE the crack up! And then dad — you gotta love dads — put a stuffed shark in one of the shots. It’s great and I’m sure he’ll come up with the perfect meme to go with it!

Congratulations to the Poole family! This little guy has some awesome parents and I’m blessed and honored that they asked me to capture them together for the first time.


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Family Fun – Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I met the Evanson Family back in April of 2013 when Mom was pregnant with baby #2. We started a Year in the Life series with some maternity and family photos, captured the new baby when she arrived in June and went from there. Right as it was time for their last session when the new baby was nearly one, the family moved to the Middle East. Well they made it back for a visit this year and we were able to finish the series out!

It was great to see the girls and how much they had grown. I loved how the little one mimicked big sister with so many things. In spite of the rain that afternoon (it poured just as we were about to start but it stopped after about 10 minutes leading to the cutest curls:) we had a great time. There was swinging with mom and dad, picking flowers, a performance of Frozen, hide and seek, getting to sit way up high in a special spot and then fun on the playground. We even got some of just mom and dad by themselves!

What a pleasure to see this family grow. Thank you and much love to the Evanson Family!














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