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Fellow Conspirators

Fellow Conspirators. Kind of like Partners in Crime. I love that phrase and was looking for something similar to describe the partnerships I’m making with other women business owners.  I’ve met some pretty amazing women in the last year through Femworking and Charmed Cardinals and have started developing partnerships. We are each conspiring — joining forces, uniting and working together — to elevate each other and our businesses. Hence Fellow Conspirators. It’s truth and a little edgy with the whole conspiring part!

As I create, develop and nurture these partnerships I’m going to feature them here! Because the services they are offering are things you are probably seeking. It’s a great time start this because it’s Women’s History Month and all of the ladies I feature are making history. We all are whether it’s in our families, our communities, our work or with ourselves.

Meet my first featured Fellow Conspirator, Megan McCourt. Megan owns Picture This Photo Solutions. Let me ask you this. Do you have a hard drive full of photos that you NEVER look at?  Do you not even know where to begin to start organizing all the pictures?  Are your parents constantly nagging you for photos of their grandchildren?  Don’t remember the last time you sat down as a family and looked at prints or albums?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read on about Megan’s signature Yearbook service and product.

Megan’s gorgeous photo by: Fotos By Nadine

  • Who is your typical client?

The majority, but not all, of my clients are women. Many are retired, but I also have a handful of clients who are in their prime working years and simply too busy to complete their photo projects. I can safely say ALL my clients recognize the treasure that is their photo collection and the importance of protecting and honoring it.

  • What gave you the idea to offer yearbooks?

One of my favorite childhood memories is receiving my annual school yearbook, reliving all the happy memories from each grade level, watching as my friends & I grew and changed from year to year, gathering autographs from friends & teachers. I had a sense that we were documenting memories that otherwise would have easily been forgotten. I still have ALL my yearbooks from kindergarten through college and I tremendously enjoy looking back at them to this day. Prior to thinking of this as a potential product offering, I set out to create a yearbook for my family’s 2015 memories. When I received the final product and saw how much joy it brought my family, I realized how powerful this product could be for my current & future clients. So many of us love taking photos, but never get around to doing anything with them. This service makes it quick & easy for the busy families I know to actually commit to and finish a family yearbook.

  • How do work with your clients to make it easy and efficient for them?

My yearbook program is a monthly subscription service whereby I create a private Dropbox folder for each client and remind them once a month to upload their favorite photos from the previous month, while the memories are still fresh in their minds. In this way, creating a yearbook never gets overwhelming because we’re curating the photos on a monthly basis. Likewise, I offer online album proofing once a quarter, so edits are happening in 3-month sections, rather than attempting to edit the entire 154-page book in one go.

  • How do you want your clients to feel when they see their yearbook?

The ultimate goal for my family yearbooks is to foster a sense of connection between family members, giving them a reason to gather together and take their time re-living all the special events of the year and also some of the day-to-day candid shots so many of us take. I also want the yearbook to relieve the anxiety many of my clients feel towards their photo collections by the simple act of getting their photos out of the virtual world and into the real world in a physical book that can be passed down through the generations of their family.

  • Why is it important for people to have books with their photos each year?

As I mentioned above regarding my school yearbooks, it’s fun to watch how you & your family grow and change as the years pass by. It’s easy to forget how little your children once were or how colorful your hair once was, now that it’s all gray. I regularly joke about this, but seriously, if not for my childhood photos, I wouldn’t remember much about my early years. My memory is not as robust as I’d like. Thankfully, photos are wonderful for triggering memories that might have been forever buried if not for the captured moment. Many of us don’t print our photos anymore, so documenting our memories in a physical book that can be shared with family members is a great way to preserve and protect our family’s legacy. Hard drives crash, memory cards get lost and smartphones die, all increasing the chance of losing our precious digital photo memories. Committing to get your photos in print via an annual yearbook all but guarantees the longevity of your memories for your family now and for future generations.

Megan is offering my clients a special for a 2017 Yearbook — the first two months free — if you sign up by the end of March. 

Learn more about Picture This Photo Solutions Yearbooks and sign up to receive Megan’s generous offer!

I’m also offering a great special for Women’s History month, to help women celebrate and mark their history.

Until the end of March I’m offering $175 off my Signature Goddess session and $300 off my Wildest Dreams Goddess session. Book your session in by March 31, 2017 and schedule it for whenever you like.

Contact me for more information!

And check out some of the amazing women I’ve had the honor and privilege of photographing over the years as I celebrate them this month over on Instagram. Rock on ladies!


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Joyful and Healthy – VA/MD/DC/WV Personal Branding Photographer

Are you seeing the trend here? Amazing women doing amazing work and I get to photograph them to help support their businesses? I just couldn’t be more grateful for the path I’m going down and the entrepreneurs I’m meeting.

Back in January, on what we thought had to be the last warm day of winter, I met up with Cordelia in West Virginia to do some personal branding photography for her and her business Workout Around My Day. Cordelia is working with moms to nourish, energize and inspire themselves with wholesome healthy food, movement and positive self-talk. She’s teaching them that it can be easy to squeeze in exercise and make healthy meals.

Life gets crazy busy with work, families and obligations and the next thing you know we are not taking care of ourselves. And when we don’t take care of ourselves, everything and everyone suffers. I always say the infrastructure is crumbling. You know, when there’s no healthy food in the house, exercise is a dream and anxiety is through the roof. Then the laundry piles up, and the house is a wreck, etc, etc, etc… And then the negative self-talk gets loud. Really loud. It’s a viscous cycle. And Cordelia knows how crazy things can get for moms because she is a mom of 6! So she really knows this stuff!

I met Cordelia through Femworking, an amazing group of female entrepreneurs that get together to support each other and our businesses. I cannot say enough great things about this group. Joining Femworking was the number one best thing I did for my business last year. So many AMAZING women!

When Cordelia answered the questions I sent her regarding her photoshoot she said she wanted people to see her fun, welcoming and energized personality. That was so easy to capture because that is her essence. She said she shines her light to others and encourages others to do the same. Oh yes, she shines so, so brightly. And then she mentioned that she liked dancing and that’s all I needed to know. When I asked her to dance she jumped right into it. She didn’t even need music because she’s amazing that way!!

We had a great afternoon getting images of her preparing healthy foods and coaching and then we went to Harpers Ferry where she danced with so much light beaming she was brighter than the sun.

Thank you so, so much Cordelia for allowing and trusting me to capture your beautiful essence. It was an honor! And we should all dance like you, with complete freedom and abandon.






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