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A few years ago I remember lamenting to a friend that there was no place cool to walk. I like to walk for exercise, outside. You know fresh air, Vitamin D, nature. So usually I just walk around the neighborhood which is fine. But if I want a good walk and want to do a loop I have to walk along side one of the main roads where I live. A freeway basically. Six lanes of loud traffic and exhaust.

Less than a week later I was scouting a local park for a photo shoot and was like what the hell is wrong with me?! There is this beautiful park with trails and hiking areas and the river right here, 10 minutes away. So what if I have to drive there? And there you have it. Another gem in my backyard. Here are some scenes from today’s walk on just an amazingly beautiful day.

apr27_1 apr27_2 apr27_3

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