In 2009 I spent the year taking a photo every day and posting them to my blog Shining Lotus.

What I found at the end of that year was my life documented in ways that still bring smiles to my face or remind me of that time. It was then I truly realized just how important it is to capture your life, the moments, you. And that’s what I do.

I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. Later in life I earned a BFA and have been a Graphic Designer and award winning artist.

My goal with any medium is to visually communicate, to evoke an emotion, to give rise to a sensation. In my photographs I strive to capture the energy of that moment whether it’s the love emanating from a newly engaged couple or brand new parents, or the energy of kickass rock show.

When I’m not shooting I’m probably working on a personal project of some sort, cooking a yummy, healthy dinner for my rock star hubby, doing some yoga or playing with my cats.

Check out the blog to catch more about me.