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If you look up the word badass you’ll find varying definitions. Often it’s associated with being male. Sometimes it’s about defying authority or not caring about consequences. My favorite definition is from the urban dictionary. “Awesome to an extreme level, thereby leveraging unquestionable authority.” There’s a few others that I like but this one describes a recent Goddess that I had the privilege of having in front of my camera.

Nancy  wanted a sexy shoot with her harley and her camaro. HERS. Not some dude’s. Did I mention badass? And sexy was no problem because well, you’ll see for yourself. What a great afternoon we had. As well as random people that just happened to be, for them, in the right place at the right time. I’m sure a couple of fellas are still talking about what they saw last week.

But let’s take the external out of the picture. Yes, Nancy is gorgeous. But you know what is even more sexy? Her confidence. She rides without fear. She sat on that bike, with people watching and let me photograph her, without fear. She wore what some people would consider racy, baring clothing, without fear. And that is hot. That is awesome to an extreme level. We should never let fear hold us back. We can listen to what lessons or advice it might have to offer, but we should never, ever, let it hold us back.

And now I present one badass Goddess!


























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