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Surviving | Project 365

Today was the annual traumatize the cats day also known as their annual vet check up. First I had to bribe them to get close to me by doling out some treats. Before Lucy was finished chewing her last one, I had to scoop her up and take her to the carrier that was already prepped and ready to go. Mind you, when I pick this cat up, she stiffens up like a piece of wood. So I try to get her into the carrier and she is fighting me every inch of the way. Claws everywhere. Wolverine claws, you know like the comic book character Wolverine. Trying to get her into the smaller carrier wasn’t working so I had to put her into the larger one. Success but she immediately started crying and throwing herself around the carrier. Good lord.

As I was scooping Lucy up I told Shawn to grab Lenny and follow me. Lenny is the exact opposite of Lucy and basically goes limp. So he was much easier to deal with. And off we went.

We go to a vet that’s about 30 minutes away. I’ve been taking my cats to this place for over 15 years. I like them, I like the vets and it’s worth the drive. Of course, not to the cats. Since Lucy loses her mind and starts panting, Shawn sits her carrier on his lap and opens the door so she can relax a little. Lenny sits quietly in his which is in the backseat. He’s such a good boy.

So they survived the trauma and are both in excellent health. On the ride home Lucy was quiet, defeated and broken. All her defiance, crying for help, just led to the same outcome anyway. A shot and a thermometer up her butt. When we got home she had been drooling which I’m not sure if that’s more pathetic than the panting or not.

Needless to say she was put out with us most of the afternoon. And of course we do feel a little bad. Well, here we are 5 hours later and they are taking full advantage of our guilt. At least Lucy is. Shawn found her lounging on his clean shirts on the bed. And of course he couldn’t move her. He’s guilt ridden. So there she stays.

IMG_5722 IMG_5724

And then this guy is just enjoying life lounging in one of his favorite nap spots.

IMG_5718 2 IMG_5719

I had just taken these shots of Lenny and was about to upload them to this post when Shawn said look at him now. And this is what I saw …

IMG_5730 IMG_5726 IMG_5725

We’ll continue to ease our guilty consciences of looking after their welfare by letting them do whatever the hell they want for the rest of the day. And then they will continue to do whatever the hell they want because that’s what cats do.

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Dynamic Duo | Project 365

Here’s the dynamic duo, bird watching.


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A Break from All the Flowers | Project 365

With … a cat pic! Gotta love this guy!


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Black on Black | Project 365

Sung to Back in Black by AC/DC:) Lucy camouflaging herself for a nap.


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Dark | Project 365

I feel like I don’t ask for much. I can be content with very little. But something I need is light in the morning to get up. It’s unnatural to rouse and get going when it’s pitch dark outside. Who’s bad idea was this time change? And moving it up from early April to early March. I had just noticed about 10 days ago that the sun was rising when I needed to get up. I was waking up BEFORE my alarm went off. Now we’re back to darkness. I guess I should be grateful that by the time I leave the house it is light out.



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Perspective | Project 365

Playing with perspective. mar_8_2 mar_8

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More Fella | Project 365


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Fella | Project 365

Things are blah and uninspiring right now. Forced to take cat pics.


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Two Down | Project 365

Two months of 2014, gone already. One more macro day though. I wondered what kitty whiskers would look like up close. Here you go.

macro_whiskers macro_whiskers_2

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Just Watching the World Go By | Project 365


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