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Pansies | Project 365

pansy_3_web pansy_2_web pansy_1_WebI would say I’ve never necessarily been drawn to Pansies. Not sure why. But then Shawn started planting them around the gardens and I noticed how they live through most of the winter. Conditions that you would think, damn, how did a Pansy survive that? Isn’t the word pansy a derogatory reference to a weak man? I’m not sure where that came from but Pansies appear to be rather hardy. Anyway, Pansies are used to enhance clairvoyance and heal grief. This flower opens your third eye, the seat of your clairvoyance or intuition. I just had an energy healing session where I was told my third eye is nice and open. Wonder if all these Pansies hanging out helped with that:)

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Crawling | Project 365


Here’s some Vinca crawling up the brick by the front door. I looked up the flowers on Vinca and apparently they are Periwinkle flowers. Nothing in the Flower Therapy book about them so I went to another resource. I feel like I could spend all day, every day studying flowers and working with their magickal properties. Guess I’m gonna have to save that til I’m old or for another lifetime. This information is derived from Nature Speak by Ted Andrews.

Periwinkle: Signifies moving into a new life and rhythm. Trailing plants often encourage us to extend our efforts and not get stuck in a rut. This is periwinkle’s message as well. It speaks of opportunities to move into new rhythms. It was once known as the sorcerer’s violet. It’s essence awakens a new sense of coming into a new life. It is protective to the aura and has ties to the energies of love and immortality.

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Close Up | Project 365

Here’s what you see when you get close up to the inside of a tulip.

sexyflowers_2_web sexyflowers_1_web

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Flower Obsession Continues | Project 365

And it will continue until around October when the frost comes along and ends it. Here are some Ranunculus. One website says they are prolific and terrific! I love that. And they are right. This is the first year we’ve had Ranunculus. I’ve seen them before and tried to figure out what they were. Not Zinnia, not dahlia. And then I would forget about them. Then on Pinterest … gotta love Pinterest … I came across an image and showed Shawn. He was like, Ranunculus, of course. I LOVE these flowers. Their common name is Persian Buttercup, which being half Persian, makes them all that much more awesome to me. I haven’t found anything on their metaphysical aspects yet but when I do there will be more images to go with that.

ranunculus_5_web ranunculus_4_web ranunculus_3_web ranunculus_2_web ranunculus_1_Web

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Happy Flowers | Project 365

After a glorious, warm weekend, the weather turned south on us the other day. It was sleeting when I came home Tuesday night.

We didn’t want the tulips in the garden to perish so we cut them and brought them inside. Here they are thanking us for saving them from the cold. They hadn’t been open in two days but opened tonight to grace us with their beauty for a few more days.


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Meadowlark Gardens | Project 365

Here’s a few Hipstamatic shots from Meadowlark Gardens. I had a family session out there Saturday afternoon and afterwards spent a bit of time wandering around. I’d been there once before, in the Fall. Actually, I went to their holiday light show too. Anyway, I found the coolest Asian inspired area. Perfect for a yoga session! And of course beauty all around.

apr_14_1 Apr_14_2 apr_14_3 apr_14_4 apr_14_5 apr_14_6 apr_14_7 apr_14_8

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Orchids | Project 365

Here’s a couple of orchids from the Ikebana display at the arboretum. And some cool info. By the way, I get the cool info about the flowers from the Flower Therapy book by Doreen Virtue. By having the flowers in your house or yard OR simply images of the flowers you reap the benefits of their energetic and healing properties.


orchid_1_web orchid_2_web

Energetic properties of orchids: Continuing forward, gathering strength to carry on, reaching your goals, aiming for the stars, not giving up

Associated with archangels Jeremiel and Sandalphon and the sacral, heart and crown chakras.

Healing description: The energy of orchids lifts you up higher and higher. It reminds you that you deserve nothing but the best and that this is the only thing should focus on achieving. Orchids act like a support team that keeps pushing you forward even when you feel you can’t go on, or when it seems the reward is too far in the distance.

If you’ve never been to the orchid show at the US Botanic Gardens out it on your to-do list for next March. Here’s some pics of the first time we went …

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Phallic | Project 365

Look around nature. Lots of masculine and feminine looking parts. Everywhere.


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Ikebana | Project 365

Icky what? Ikebana. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Apparently it’s a whole thing. I first heard about Ikebana when I was teaching a hand building ceramics class for Arlington county. One of the students was making an Ikebana vase/vessel. Then Shawn and I saw display at the Arboretum back in 2010. Well I guess they do this display every year because it was there again this year.

It’ more than simply putting flowers in a container, it’s a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together. In typical floral arranging, the focus is on the flower bloom and maybe combing colors. Ikebana often emphasizes other areas of the plant, such as its stems and leaves,  with emphasis toward shape, line and form.  It has certain rules governing its form. The artist’s intention behind each arrangement is shown through a piece’s color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines, and the usually implied meaning of the arrangement. It’s also very minimalistic. An arrangement may consist of only a minimal number of blooms interspersed among stalks and leaves.

There’s also a spiritual aspect behind it. Silence is a must during practices of ikebana. It is a time to appreciate things in nature that people often overlook because of their busy lives. One becomes more patient and tolerant of differences, not only in nature, but also in general. Ikebana can inspire one to identify with beauty in all art forms. This is also the time when one feels closeness to nature which provides relaxation for the mind, body, and soul.

Before you’re all impressed with my knowledge about Ikebana, please know that I got ALL of this information from wikipedia. And rather than try to rephrase it myself, I copied and pasted it. And now, enjoy some Ikebana.

ikibana_1_web ikibana_2_web ikibana_3_web ikibana_4_web ikibana_5_web ikibana_6_web ikibana_7_web ikibana_8_web

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The Last of the Tulips, for Real! | Project 365

Oops! There were more. Had to catch these in Hipstamatic. apr_1_1 apr_1_2

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