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Surviving | Project 365

Today was the annual traumatize the cats day also known as their annual vet check up. First I had to bribe them to get close to me by doling out some treats. Before Lucy was finished chewing her last one, I had to scoop her up and take her to the carrier that was already prepped and ready to go. Mind you, when I pick this cat up, she stiffens up like a piece of wood. So I try to get her into the carrier and she is fighting me every inch of the way. Claws everywhere. Wolverine claws, you know like the comic book character Wolverine. Trying to get her into the smaller carrier wasn’t working so I had to put her into the larger one. Success but she immediately started crying and throwing herself around the carrier. Good lord.

As I was scooping Lucy up I told Shawn to grab Lenny and follow me. Lenny is the exact opposite of Lucy and basically goes limp. So he was much easier to deal with. And off we went.

We go to a vet that’s about 30 minutes away. I’ve been taking my cats to this place for over 15 years. I like them, I like the vets and it’s worth the drive. Of course, not to the cats. Since Lucy loses her mind and starts panting, Shawn sits her carrier on his lap and opens the door so she can relax a little. Lenny sits quietly in his which is in the backseat. He’s such a good boy.

So they survived the trauma and are both in excellent health. On the ride home Lucy was quiet, defeated and broken. All her defiance, crying for help, just led to the same outcome anyway. A shot and a thermometer up her butt. When we got home she had been drooling which I’m not sure if that’s more pathetic than the panting or not.

Needless to say she was put out with us most of the afternoon. And of course we do feel a little bad. Well, here we are 5 hours later and they are taking full advantage of our guilt. At least Lucy is. Shawn found her lounging on his clean shirts on the bed. And of course he couldn’t move her. He’s guilt ridden. So there she stays.

IMG_5722 IMG_5724

And then this guy is just enjoying life lounging in one of his favorite nap spots.

IMG_5718 2 IMG_5719

I had just taken these shots of Lenny and was about to upload them to this post when Shawn said look at him now. And this is what I saw …

IMG_5730 IMG_5726 IMG_5725

We’ll continue to ease our guilty consciences of looking after their welfare by letting them do whatever the hell they want for the rest of the day. And then they will continue to do whatever the hell they want because that’s what cats do.

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Dramatic Sky | Project 365

IMG_5715 2

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Petals and Pebbles | Project 365

apr29_1 apr29_2

That pink awesomeness from last week is being battered by rain today. And it’s only supposed to get worse tomorrow. Like monsoon worse. I was looking out the window at the deluge of rain and noticed that the petals were floating in pools of water. So I ran outside to catch that. You can’t really see the floating aspect but I thought the petals with the pebbles were pretty cool.

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Dynamic Duo | Project 365

Here’s the dynamic duo, bird watching.


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A Little Nature Walk | Project 365

A few years ago I remember lamenting to a friend that there was no place cool to walk. I like to walk for exercise, outside. You know fresh air, Vitamin D, nature. So usually I just walk around the neighborhood which is fine. But if I want a good walk and want to do a loop I have to walk along side one of the main roads where I live. A freeway basically. Six lanes of loud traffic and exhaust.

Less than a week later I was scouting a local park for a photo shoot and was like what the hell is wrong with me?! There is this beautiful park with trails and hiking areas and the river right here, 10 minutes away. So what if I have to drive there? And there you have it. Another gem in my backyard. Here are some scenes from today’s walk on just an amazingly beautiful day.

apr27_1 apr27_2 apr27_3

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Dogwood | Project 365

And this is the Dogwood tree across from the pink amazingness at work.

apr25_1 apr25_2

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Pink! | Project 365

This is what I noticed walking into work today!

apr24_1 apr24_2 apr24_3

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Meadowlark Gardens | Project 365

Here’s a few Hipstamatic shots from Meadowlark Gardens. I had a family session out there Saturday afternoon and afterwards spent a bit of time wandering around. I’d been there once before, in the Fall. Actually, I went to their holiday light show too. Anyway, I found the coolest Asian inspired area. Perfect for a yoga session! And of course beauty all around.

apr_14_1 Apr_14_2 apr_14_3 apr_14_4 apr_14_5 apr_14_6 apr_14_7 apr_14_8

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Cherry Blossoms | Project 365

Since I didn’t make it to the Tidal Basin yesterday to get some Cherry Blossom shots here’s what I did get. A weeping cherry tree in full bloom up the street from the house. Just as pretty and way less crowded:)


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Peeks Around – Jasmine Lounge | Project 365

A few years ago it was popular on Facebook to check yourself in somewhere. I guess it still is but I don’t seem to see people doing it a lot anymore. Or maybe that’s because I don’t see anything from any of my friends on Facebook anymore but rather sponsored stuff. Anyway, one evening Shawn and I were enjoying cocktails in the oasis that is our backyard and I decided this oasis needed a name and that we needed to check ourselves into it. It’s possible I had named it already and then determined I could create my own place on Facebook and check us in. Either way, the Jasmine Lounge was born.

Here are some peeks around the Jasmine Lounge as well as the gardens from this evening during our walk around the grounds:) We’ve taken knick knacks that aren’t doing it for us inside anymore and put them in the garden where they fit in perfectly. We have some statues, broken stuff and sculptures of mine integrated. Shawn has been painting a lot of the stuff to make it look even cooler. He even painted a dead pine tree he was trying to bonsai blue. Something you’ll never get at our place is visually bored.

apr_11_8 apr_11_7 apr_11_6 apr_11_5 apr_11_4 apr_11_3 apr_11_2 apr_11_1

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