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Project 330 Something-ish

Well, so much for a photo every day. Or at least posting them every day. I have a TON of photos from the last month. But clearly no time to post daily. Oh well. C’est la vie, right? Not sure where this will head but like I said I have a ton of images to post.  But I’m going to have to turn off my Type A personality that needs things perfectly ordered from beginning to end and just go with the flow. And for now … how about an inch worm:)


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Pansies | Project 365

pansy_3_web pansy_2_web pansy_1_WebI would say I’ve never necessarily been drawn to Pansies. Not sure why. But then Shawn started planting them around the gardens and I noticed how they live through most of the winter. Conditions that you would think, damn, how did a Pansy survive that? Isn’t the word pansy a derogatory reference to a weak man? I’m not sure where that came from but Pansies appear to be rather hardy. Anyway, Pansies are used to enhance clairvoyance and heal grief. This flower opens your third eye, the seat of your clairvoyance or intuition. I just had an energy healing session where I was told my third eye is nice and open. Wonder if all these Pansies hanging out helped with that:)

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Flower Obsession Continues | Project 365

And it will continue until around October when the frost comes along and ends it. Here are some Ranunculus. One website says they are prolific and terrific! I love that. And they are right. This is the first year we’ve had Ranunculus. I’ve seen them before and tried to figure out what they were. Not Zinnia, not dahlia. And then I would forget about them. Then on Pinterest … gotta love Pinterest … I came across an image and showed Shawn. He was like, Ranunculus, of course. I LOVE these flowers. Their common name is Persian Buttercup, which being half Persian, makes them all that much more awesome to me. I haven’t found anything on their metaphysical aspects yet but when I do there will be more images to go with that.

ranunculus_5_web ranunculus_4_web ranunculus_3_web ranunculus_2_web ranunculus_1_Web

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Two Down | Project 365

Two months of 2014, gone already. One more macro day though. I wondered what kitty whiskers would look like up close. Here you go.

macro_whiskers macro_whiskers_2

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Jasmine | Project 365


I’m finding that macro shooting is hard. Very hard. There’s so much movement and camera shake that I need to try this with a tripod.  But I’m kind of over playing with one lens. I really want to do some sessions. Some Goddess sessions would be awesome.

Anyway, this is a jasmine flower. The jasmine blooms throughout the winter although not quite as much and not as many flower, but blooms nonetheless. Here are the qualities and aspects of jasmine:

Energetic properties: peace, deeper meditation, focus on goals, manifestation and wisdom. Jasmine brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. It helps you concentrate on your highest aspirations.

Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, a favorite of the angelic realms.

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Bling |Project 365


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Leaf | Project 365


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Snowflake | Project 365

MORE snow today. My best attempt to get a snowflake image. Had to crop this in and sharpen it but it’s better than the first time I tried a few weeks back. Ok, Winter, please leave now.



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Alien | Project 365


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Hidden Treasures | Project 365

So sometimes you don’t really notice what’s around you until you magnify the hell out of it. Playing with the macro this week.

macro_1A macro_2A macro_3A macro_4A macro_6A macro_7A

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