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Maternity Goddess – VA, DC, MD Maternity Photographer

Megan contacted me for maternity photos from a referral from the wonderful Kelly Jett of iJett Photography. I worked for Kelly as a second shooter and we really hit it off. Megan and her husband are close friends with Kelly. Kelly referred me because she had moved to San Diego where she is taking stunning photos. Thank you so much Kelly!

Anyway, when Megan contacted me I was like absolutely, let’s do it. I then asked her if she would mind playing a little and showed her some of my Goddess work. I told her it would be great to get a little creative and have a pregnant Goddess in my portfolio. She was totally up for it. So I gathered up flowers, fabric, a tulle skirt and was ready to go. Little did I know, we wouldn’t have to play at all really, because she was already there, 100% Goddess.

I did some research to find some cool spots in Maryland and settled on Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm and Jonas Green Park in Annapolis.  Flowers and water for a portrait session back drop? You can’t go wrong there. I met Megan at the flower farm and she was already dressed like a Goddess in the most absolute perfect white dress. It could not have worked out any better. Then the flowers and pathways and nooks. It was Goddess heaven. If you’re ever looking for a magical place for an afternoon check out Willow Oak.

Then we headed over to the park. Megan wanted to wrap a colored bow around her belly to reveal the sex of the baby and coincidentally I had the same color fabric. Serendipity? I think so. My vision with the fabric was to somehow get it to blow in the wind.  I didn’t know if there would be wind that day but I figured it would all work out. And did it ever. The wind on the water was PERFECT! It blew that fabric just the way I wanted and my vision became reality.

I’m certain Megan has had the baby by now since she was due in early September. Congratulations Megan and thank you again!










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