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Peeks Around – Jasmine Lounge | Project 365

A few years ago it was popular on Facebook to check yourself in somewhere. I guess it still is but I don’t seem to see people doing it a lot anymore. Or maybe that’s because I don’t see anything from any of my friends on Facebook anymore but rather sponsored stuff. Anyway, one evening Shawn and I were enjoying cocktails in the oasis that is our backyard and I decided this oasis needed a name and that we needed to check ourselves into it. It’s possible I had named it already and then determined I could create my own place on Facebook and check us in. Either way, the Jasmine Lounge was born.

Here are some peeks around the Jasmine Lounge as well as the gardens from this evening during our walk around the grounds:) We’ve taken knick knacks that aren’t doing it for us inside anymore and put them in the garden where they fit in perfectly. We have some statues, broken stuff and sculptures of mine integrated. Shawn has been painting a lot of the stuff to make it look even cooler. He even painted a dead pine tree he was trying to bonsai blue. Something you’ll never get at our place is visually bored.

apr_11_8 apr_11_7 apr_11_6 apr_11_5 apr_11_4 apr_11_3 apr_11_2 apr_11_1

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Peeks Around – Shawn’s Office | Project 365

These are just two shelves in Shawn’s office. There’s a lot to see and take in so there will have to be a series of Peeks Around for Shawn’s office. It’s challenging to get around in there right now as well because there’s like 30 plants in there. Anyway, two shelves, lots of books (can we say Tolkien fan?) and little toys from his childhood.

Shelf_1 Shelf_2

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Peeks Around – The Basement | Project 365

This is our basement. Right now we have the couch pulled out. It’s one of those L shaped couches that pulls out to a bed. We pulled it out back in September when a friend came to visit and never put it back. It reminds me of a genie bottle, specifically I Dream of Jeannie’s genie bottle. Man, I always wanted a room like that:) It’s great for lounging so we left it. This was also Shawn’s bed when we was living in the basement that year he was paralyzed and recovering from that. He was down here from March through November. Glad that’s over!

Above the fireplace is a staff and a wand that Shawn made and a Garuda. Garuda is a Hindu deity that has the body of a man, wings and an eagle’s beak. On the mantel is our collection of mini-books, the ones you used to get at bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders. And then there’s some knick knacks here and there.


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Peeks Around | Project 365

Back when I did the last Project 365, I sometimes posted Peeks Around my house or yard. That was 5 years ago so of course some things have changed and that means I’m gonna do it again!


These are some of the glass bottles on THE shelf. THE shelf is the multi-colored, multi-cubby shelf that Shawn built me in 2001. I love this shelf! The glass bottles have come from here and there and are used more in the summer time to hold flowers. If you’ve ever been to our house you know that there is a lot of stuff to look at! This little 18×18 space is just a small sampling of that!

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