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Soul Healer – VA/DC/MD Personal Branding Photographer

Mmmmmm … soul healer. Don’t you just love how that sounds? Like the very words are healing themselves. But what exactly is a soul healer? Well, meet Aimee … she is a soul healer, empowering women to release their suffering (depression, panic, anxiety, PTSD, etc) and reclaim their power so they can access their divine gifts and live their true purpose. And I had the extreme honor and privilege of photographing her.

Aimee was rebranding her business and offerings and reached out for photography for her new website. Y’all know how much I LOVE personal branding shoots for women business owners and entrepreneurs! And her mission is to empower women. My mission is to empower women. That is some synchrodestiny right there!

Part of my process is sending some questions to clients to help them dig a little deeper to connect with themselves, so they can get clear on what they want their images to reveal to their prospective clients. Because let’s be real here … people are visual. And when you have a website you want the images on your site to create connection with people that view your site. You want them to know you without having actually met you. You want to create that relationship, that trust, from the instant your page loads. If your images come across awkward or lacking authenticity, people will feel that. They may not be able to articulate what it is but they can feel it. And that’s where I come in. I am here to bring that authenticity out, to reveal the magick that lies within you.

Aimee and I met up on a pretty chilly day in February and let me tell you, she was a trooper in that chill. Barefoot in the sand, no jacket, no complaining about the cold. She wanted images that showed her bold, truthful, empowered, warm, loving, nurturing, accepting, respectful, safe, spiritual and sassy qualities. Love me some sassy! But it’s awkward being photographed. Some people are naturals in front of the camera. Most of us, myself included, are not. And that’s ok. My job is to see past that and guide you through it.

Yes, we do the headshots, the looking at the camera and the poses. You need those images too. But then we play and I look for the moments in between. You know, those moments where we just let go, be present and enjoy that moment. It might feel a little ridiculous twirling with a peace of fabric but when you let go we find the magick. And we definitely captured Aimee’s magick!

Now check out Aimee’s gorgeous new website and how she’s using her images!

And I have recently partnered with amazing life coach and art of being expert Marci Moberg. We are offering a kick ass Being Centered Business Personal Branding Journey for Fempreneurs. This program with Marci’s expertise and mine, helps you get clear on business, build an authentic brand, take your business to the next level and get the imagery you need to bring it all together. Learn  more about it here. And since we just launched this, we are offering this amazing program at a discounted rate to 3 Fempreneurs. Contact me today for more info or to get in on this!

Thank you Aimee, for trusting me:) It was my honor and pleasure and I am deeply grateful!



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Joyful and Healthy – VA/MD/DC/WV Personal Branding Photographer

Are you seeing the trend here? Amazing women doing amazing work and I get to photograph them to help support their businesses? I just couldn’t be more grateful for the path I’m going down and the entrepreneurs I’m meeting.

Back in January, on what we thought had to be the last warm day of winter, I met up with Cordelia in West Virginia to do some personal branding photography for her and her business Workout Around My Day. Cordelia is working with moms to nourish, energize and inspire themselves with wholesome healthy food, movement and positive self-talk. She’s teaching them that it can be easy to squeeze in exercise and make healthy meals.

Life gets crazy busy with work, families and obligations and the next thing you know we are not taking care of ourselves. And when we don’t take care of ourselves, everything and everyone suffers. I always say the infrastructure is crumbling. You know, when there’s no healthy food in the house, exercise is a dream and anxiety is through the roof. Then the laundry piles up, and the house is a wreck, etc, etc, etc… And then the negative self-talk gets loud. Really loud. It’s a viscous cycle. And Cordelia knows how crazy things can get for moms because she is a mom of 6! So she really knows this stuff!

I met Cordelia through Femworking, an amazing group of female entrepreneurs that get together to support each other and our businesses. I cannot say enough great things about this group. Joining Femworking was the number one best thing I did for my business last year. So many AMAZING women!

When Cordelia answered the questions I sent her regarding her photoshoot she said she wanted people to see her fun, welcoming and energized personality. That was so easy to capture because that is her essence. She said she shines her light to others and encourages others to do the same. Oh yes, she shines so, so brightly. And then she mentioned that she liked dancing and that’s all I needed to know. When I asked her to dance she jumped right into it. She didn’t even need music because she’s amazing that way!!

We had a great afternoon getting images of her preparing healthy foods and coaching and then we went to Harpers Ferry where she danced with so much light beaming she was brighter than the sun.

Thank you so, so much Cordelia for allowing and trusting me to capture your beautiful essence. It was an honor! And we should all dance like you, with complete freedom and abandon.






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A Woman’s Woman – VA, MD, DC Personal Branding Photographer

Yes, another Personal Branding session. I told you the Universe was listening!

Meet Jessica. Jessica is one of the sweetest, most kind and compassionate, open and authentic women I know. I met her at Pure Prana Yoga Studio where I teach yoga.

Jessica is a prenatal yoga instructor and doula and was in need of images for her website and business Bliss Birth Yoga. I was so excited when she contacted me because I love photographing women, I love photographing women entrepreneurs and I love photographing yoga and wellness entrepreneurs. Triple love!

I have questionnaires for clients that help us identify what they want out of their session. Often, myself included when I had a photo shoot last year, we don’t know what we want other than great photos. But I want to reveal that magic that lies within you, so sometimes we need to dig a little deeper.

For her business and website, Jessica wanted to show her nurturing confidence, her strong desire and ability to support women and to show that she is a “woman’s woman.” More love because I’m ALL ABOUT the ladies — empowering, supporting, uplifting. And to help Jessica show her qualities that related to this? Let’s just say synchronicity flowed.

She also shared the following with me: “I love supporting women during one of the great, most challenging days of their lives.  Every time a woman has a positive birth experience, it’s a step forward in changing the culture towards valuing women, and their physiological natural power.  I do this work to create change for women and their families.   I love my clients and all my students so deeply.  I love them for their struggles and challenges – for the stage of life that they are in and all it’s richness for growth.  I love them because they are me and I am them.  We are interconnected as sisters.” Makes you want to get pregnant and have a baby so you can have Jessica support you, doesn’t it?! She embodies this, 100% even when it was a photoshoot. You can feel the love she has for these ladies.

I love this and I loved working with Jessica. What an amazing, bright soul.

And big, huge, gigantic thanks to Lauren Feliz Durshin from Beauty By Word Of Mouth for coming out and doing Jessica’s makeup. Lauren is AMAZING! Check her out while you’re at it:)

And big, huge, gigantic thanks to our pregnant models who came out.

And finally, thank you Jessica, for trusting me to capture your essence. I am blessed and beyond grateful.




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The Universe Answers – VA, MD, DC Personal Branding Photographer

Recently I put out to the Universe that I wanted to do more Personal Branding sessions.

“Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.” To me this speaks to entrepreneurs, people creating and running their own businesses, offering some sort of services. Branding involves logos, colors, fonts, graphics and imagery to create a mood, a feeling about a business, or in this case a person, because they are the business.

As a designer and artist, I love working with all of the above to create a mood. Add in some photographs and oh yeah. Love it. Because part of what I do is bring out the magic that lies within. And it’s the magic that is at the center of so many entrepreneurs’ businesses.

So the Universe said, alright then, will do. Thanks Universe! And the Universe has sent these sessions with amazing female entrepreneurs. Which goes right along with my whole focus of empowering women through my portraits of them. Talk about synchronicity and alignment.

Denyse from Lavender Om Wellness contacted me about personal branding photographs for her new website. Bonus, her business is Yoga related and I’m a yoga teacher and practitioner. Perfect fit!

We met at Meadowlark Gardens back in November on one of those gorgeous afternoons that was unseasonably warm. Perfect color, perfect light and an amazing day.

Denyse admitted that she did not like having her photo taken and I don’t blame her. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. You don’t know what to do. I’ve been there! One of these days I’ll share my photo shoot story. Just know that I know how it feels.

And you know what, she did an amazing job! All we needed to do was connect to the beauty of that day. And add in some fun swirling and twirling.


See Denyse’s images in action at her all new website And go take her class. You know you need some good yoga!

Thank you Denyse for the opportunity to photograph you and to empower you and your business! I’m honored and grateful.


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Super Powers — Activate! – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

I love photographing women. And I love photographing women entrepreneurs. And I love that in photographing women entrepreneurs, I am helping them represent their businesses, not only with what the business is all about but by showing the world who they are. Inside and out.

There’s been so much chatter about personal branding and is it real or is it trying to show you in a false light. Someone who you really aren’t but want the world to think you are. Certainly there are people out there doing that, but what I love about creating personal branding imagery is that I bring out my client’s true spirit, the magic that lies within them. Because who wants to do business with someone that’s false from the get go? Who wants to do business with someone that looks uncomfortable, awkward or lacking in authenticity? Not me. Not you. And when that magic is revealed, people can feel it. And they know inside they’re hiring the right person for the job.

I ask them all the questions about their business, who their demographic is — all the standard stuff. But then I ask them what their personal strengths are, what brings them joy, what are the diverse aspects of their personality, what qualities they want their potential clients to see from the images we create. And then I capture this — their authentic nature.

I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing entrepreneur who I met through Femworking. Her business, SXCS Collective, is about activating the “super powers” of her clients. So that they, their business and their staff can thrive. And Carole is just the person to do this, because she has super powers of her own. She is passionate about what she does — engaging and asking deep questions that help you swim through muddy waters and find answers and solutions. She is also an amazing survivor. Her story proves her own super powers. She is full of light, life, passion, joy, grace … total magic. And I was honored to photograph her expression of all of that.

We had a fun, afternoon at Ida Lee Park and in/around downtown Leesburg capturing Carole’s spirit. And yes, there’s a super hero type image for fun!

Thank you Carole, for trusting me to capture your true spirit and magic! You truly are a Bright Soul!









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Survivor | VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

What the? Two blog posts in one day? YES! Normally I would wait until a weekday morning to do another blog post. You know when people are at work and looking for anything to distract themselves from what they have to do:) Not a Friday evening when folks are sitting down with that cocktail to end the week. But I just couldn’t make Paige wait another second for her sneak peeks.

I met Paige through Pure Prana Yoga Studio as well. I was teaching Vigorous Vinyasa Friday evenings and she was a regular in that class. I remember her learning to do headstand without being next to the wall because she was going on a yoga retreat where there might not be a wall to literally lean on. Then a few years later we ending up in the same teacher training at Pure Prana! After our teacher training ended we decided to get tattoos together to mark that time. Paige was working in a somewhat conservative field and got her tattoo on her foot where it could be disguised somewhat.

Then life got complicated. My husband became paralyzed from a staph infection and I got tied up with some care taking and his recovery, which over the last five years is at about 90% or so. Pretty miraculous stuff. Then Paige had a stroke. Yes, you read that right. How does a healthy, fit, yoga and meditation teacher have a stroke?? Because life throws serious curve balls at you and doesn’t care how healthy and fit you are or that you take the time and work at being stress free. Paige has recovered very well from that stroke, although, just like my husband, just because you look ok on the outside, doesn’t necessarily mean all is 100% hunky dory. There’s always lingering things and really you are never the same person again. But maybe you’re a better version of yourself.

Since then Paige has stepped out of the conservative work life and is now working for herself teaching yoga and meditation full time! So she wanted some photos to use for some marketing purposes. But she also wanted to capture who she is right now. Which is awesome. She might be a different version of herself but her awesome personality and silly self that I remember is still very much there. I knew going into this session that it would be a blast and that there would be lots of laughing. And she got another tattoo! On her forearm this time. To mark the journey of being a stroke survivor.

We got together on a fabulous Fall day to get some images of her and her hubby along with their cute little dogs. I wanted to get some shots of her meditating at home because I knew the dogs would be right there with her:) Then she and I headed into Old Town Alexandria where we hit the train station and she did tree pose, right there. She had just been able to do tree again recently on the side that was affected by the stroke. We tooled around the streets, she ran, she played in leaves and she meditated under a beautiful tree.

Check Paige and her musings out at It has been wonderful to reconnect with her and I’m so grateful she trusted me to capture her, where she is right now.


























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Serenity Now | VA/MD/DC Yoga & Personal Branding Photographer

Serenity now. And not the Seinfeld, Frank Costanza version! But real, true serenity now is what I was honored to photograph a couple of weeks ago. Faith, who I know through Pure Prana Yoga Studio, wanted some yoga photos and headshots, personal branding is what I would call it. Faith teaches Yin Yoga as well as restorative and therapeutic yoga with the goal of making it accessible to everyone and their unique needs. If you’ve never done a restorative type yoga class, stop what you are doing and go to one of Faith’s classes at Pure Prana or the Yogi Underground. This type of yoga is SO needed in our lives of running around and trying to power through everything. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Faith wanted to make sure that the photos showed the quiet and stillness of the practice, basically the serenity. Well that wasn’t hard because the moment you meet Faith her energy exudes just this. So it wasn’t hard to capture what is innately there. I also wanted to take her outside, in nature, where that quiet, calm energy also resides. Combine Faith with that and hello relaxation:)

Thank you Faith, so much, for such a wonderful morning. And now, prepare to be relaxed by simply gazing upon Faith’s beautiful essence.














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September Sunshine | Purcellville, VA Photographer | Project 365

Another frigid day means we need another reminder that this will go away and soon enough it will be a sunny, gorgeous, warm day in September, Just like the day I did Rachel’s photoshoot.

Wow! What a gorgeous day and amazing photo shoot this was! Rachel was in need of some headshots, yoga shots and other promo kind of shots for her new website and her blog When we met she said that she simply wanted the photos to show her fun and cheery personality. No problem! I met Rachel in yoga teacher training five years ago and if there’s anyone who is fun, bubbly and cheery, it’s her.

We met at Fields of Flowers in Purcelleville. Rachel is like a gorgeous flower in bloom so why not a flower farm, right? Plus there was a cool red barn and an awesome field to get those expansive, totally free and liberated yoga shots. But oh my, there were some gnats!

R_Yoga_7 R_Yoga_5 R_Yoga_4_A R_Yoga_3_A R_14_A R_10_A R_5_A

Then we went to her in-laws place also in the Purcelleville area. Uh, yeah, can I shoot all my clients here??? The home, farm, woods, art installation, it was all amazing. What a gorgeous place. By the time we started shooting here things were totally flowing.

R_17_A R_20_A R_22_A R_Yoga_1_BS R_Yoga_8_A R_Yoga_11 R_Yoga_14_A R_Yoga_15 R_Yoga_17_A

I’m not sure what I said to Rachel to get this shot but if this doesn’t capture her joyful and fun personality I don’t know what does!


And Rachel was so awesome to indulge me. I had been wanting to get some woodland nymph/fairy type shots with a tulle skirt. I made the skirt, we pieced together the fun costume and then went into the woods. It could not have worked out any better. I think she must secretly put on a tulle skirt and frolick around in the woods at dusk. This was all so natural for her. Thank you Rachel!

R_Nymph_12 R_Nymph_11 R_Nymph_10_A R_Nymph_9_A R_Nymph_8_A R_Nymph_7_A R_Nymph_6_A R_Nymph_4_A R_Nymph_3_A R_Nymph_1_A

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Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhah | Northern VA Photographer | Project 365

Yo what?? Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhah. Yoga is the stilling of the flucuations of the mind. Or that’s one way to translate it.

Back in December I met up with Lizzie, a local yoga teacher, who needed some headshots and yoga shots. Something I wanted to capture with Lizzie’s photos was that stillness that yoga is. Lizzie wanted the quiet and calm as well as the joy. Well, with her fabulous smile the joy was there. Lizzie is full of life and light! We got together at Pure Prana where I teach. The light there is fantastic, dramatic but soft.

And, you wouldn’t think having yoga photos taken would be very hard work. Uh, think again. For the teacher, they are holding poses for quite a long time. For the photographer, you are sliding around, standing up, sitting down, bending, crouching. Needless to say we both got a great workout:) Thank you Lizzie!

L_54_BW L_52 L_47_BW L_41_D L_39_D L_33_D_1 L_31_D_1 L_28_D L_27_D L_26_D_1 L_25_D L_23_D L_22_D L_18_D L_15_D L_5_D_1

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Yogaahhhh | Northern VA Photographer | Project 365

Earlier this year I was trying to define exactly where I want to go with photography. Who and what do I want to be photographing? One of the items on that list is yoga, yoga teachers and movement. So when Sara posted on the DC Yoga Teachers Collective that she wanted some new yoga photos I commented back with my website and to contact me if she wanted to work together. Lucky for me there were several other teachers on that thread totally telling her to contact me:)

I’m also a yogini and yoga teacher. I know what a pose should look like but more important, what it should FEEL like. And I think I capture those feelings pretty well:) On top of that I can help to cue — lift the heart, extend through the finger tips, find the stillness — to help really capture the feeling that yoga can give us.

This shoot with Sara was great. The studio captured the stillness, and the outdoors captured the freedom and expansiveness that come with a yoga practice. Sara ‘s style is a free flow or Prana flow. She wanted to capture the joy of movement that is yoga and the humbleness of gratitude. And of course Sara’s energy was amazing not to mention her grace and beauty as she flowed through the afternoon.  Thank you Sara!

S_59_A_AE S_55_B_AE S_54_A_AE S_53_B_AE S_46_AE S_38_A_BS S_37 S_28_A_BS S_17_A S_5_A_BS S_4_A S_1_AE


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