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Project 330 Something-ish

Well, so much for a photo every day. Or at least posting them every day. I have a TON of photos from the last month. But clearly no time to post daily. Oh well. C’est la vie, right? Not sure where this will head but like I said I have a ton of images to post.  But I’m going to have to turn off my Type A personality that needs things perfectly ordered from beginning to end and just go with the flow. And for now … how about an inch worm:)


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Splash of Red – Project 365


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Mmmmm | Project 365

My favorite breakfast right now! Avocado, egg and toast.


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Light |Project 365


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Potions & Elixirs | Project 365

Just one shelf with potions and elixirs.


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Old Town | Project 365

I actually took the camera with me today when I was out and about. Here’s a few pics from my walk from where I parked to the studio. I wasn’t sure about the street photo — taking it, showing it seems a little weird to me. But I’m drawn to photos like that I see. The last one is what light I was noticing at the studio.

oldtown_1_1 oldtown_2_1 oldtown_3_1

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Jars and Stones | Project 365

We have a new obsession in the Shabibi household. In case you’re not familiar, Shabibi is Sharifi and Habibi combined. Yes, we did the name combo thing WAY before anyone else like Benifer and Brangelina. Anyway, the new obsession – putting our cool crystals and stones in jars. They used to sit in trays or things like that collecting dust. Now, they are safe from dust and you can see what’s there.


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Orchids | Project 365

My brother and his girlfriend recently gave us this orchid. So pretty! If you like orchids and you’re local to DC, you need to get on over to the US Botanic Gardens for their annual orchid show. It’s usually sometime in March. Anyway, the Plant Dr., aka Shawn, has never been able to keep an orchid. Not sure how many times he’s tried but of the god knows how many plants we have, no orchids. And mind you, this guy is THE Green Man. So, we’ll see what happens with this one.

On another note, I’m still loving playing with the Lens Baby. Especially adding textures to the images. I may change to another lens for the rest of February or I may not:)


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Juicy | Project 365

Yesterday at breakfast at this great little spot in Staunton, Cranberry’s, my friend order this juice. The Celtic Elixir. It has beets, celery, apple, ginger and other stuff in it. The color was AMAZING! Especially sitting next to that shot of wheatgrass and the lemon. That’s what caught my eye, the great color. So I decided to try one at breakfast today. It was good. Because it looked so red, of course, I was expecting it to taste like berries or something really sweet. But it was just the right amount of sweet. I can say though, for me, this kind of thing will take some getting used to. The bite of ginger was good but strange. And the sweet of the apple combined with the earthy taste of the other stuff, was, well, earthy:)


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Staunton | Project 365

A few pics from the cute little town of Staunton.


staunton_1A staunton_2A staunton_3A staunton_4 staunton_5A

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