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Here’s some Vinca crawling up the brick by the front door. I looked up the flowers on Vinca and apparently they are Periwinkle flowers. Nothing in the Flower Therapy book about them so I went to another resource. I feel like I could spend all day, every day studying flowers and working with their magickal properties. Guess I’m gonna have to save that til I’m old or for another lifetime. This information is derived from Nature Speak by Ted Andrews.

Periwinkle: Signifies moving into a new life and rhythm. Trailing plants often encourage us to extend our efforts and not get stuck in a rut. This is periwinkle’s message as well. It speaks of opportunities to move into new rhythms. It was once known as the sorcerer’s violet. It’s essence awakens a new sense of coming into a new life. It is protective to the aura and has ties to the energies of love and immortality.

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