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Serenity now. And not the Seinfeld, Frank Costanza version! But real, true serenity now is what I was honored to photograph a couple of weeks ago. Faith, who I know through Pure Prana Yoga Studio, wanted some yoga photos and headshots, personal branding is what I would call it. Faith teaches Yin Yoga as well as restorative and therapeutic yoga with the goal of making it accessible to everyone and their unique needs. If you’ve never done a restorative type yoga class, stop what you are doing and go to one of Faith’s classes at Pure Prana or the Yogi Underground. This type of yoga is SO needed in our lives of running around and trying to power through everything. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Faith wanted to make sure that the photos showed the quiet and stillness of the practice, basically the serenity. Well that wasn’t hard because the moment you meet Faith her energy exudes just this. So it wasn’t hard to capture what is innately there. I also wanted to take her outside, in nature, where that quiet, calm energy also resides. Combine Faith with that and hello relaxation:)

Thank you Faith, so much, for such a wonderful morning. And now, prepare to be relaxed by simply gazing upon Faith’s beautiful essence.














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