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A Woman’s Woman – VA, MD, DC Personal Branding Photographer

Yes, another Personal Branding session. I told you the Universe was listening!

Meet Jessica. Jessica is one of the sweetest, most kind and compassionate, open and authentic women I know. I met her at Pure Prana Yoga Studio where I teach yoga.

Jessica is a prenatal yoga instructor and doula and was in need of images for her website and business Bliss Birth Yoga. I was so excited when she contacted me because I love photographing women, I love photographing women entrepreneurs and I love photographing yoga and wellness entrepreneurs. Triple love!

I have questionnaires for clients that help us identify what they want out of their session. Often, myself included when I had a photo shoot last year, we don’t know what we want other than great photos. But I want to reveal that magic that lies within you, so sometimes we need to dig a little deeper.

For her business and website, Jessica wanted to show her nurturing confidence, her strong desire and ability to support women and to show that she is a “woman’s woman.” More love because I’m ALL ABOUT the ladies — empowering, supporting, uplifting. And to help Jessica show her qualities that related to this? Let’s just say synchronicity flowed.

She also shared the following with me: “I love supporting women during one of the great, most challenging days of their lives.  Every time a woman has a positive birth experience, it’s a step forward in changing the culture towards valuing women, and their physiological natural power.  I do this work to create change for women and their families.   I love my clients and all my students so deeply.  I love them for their struggles and challenges – for the stage of life that they are in and all it’s richness for growth.  I love them because they are me and I am them.  We are interconnected as sisters.” Makes you want to get pregnant and have a baby so you can have Jessica support you, doesn’t it?! She embodies this, 100% even when it was a photoshoot. You can feel the love she has for these ladies.

I love this and I loved working with Jessica. What an amazing, bright soul.

And big, huge, gigantic thanks to Lauren Feliz Durshin from Beauty By Word Of Mouth for coming out and doing Jessica’s makeup. Lauren is AMAZING! Check her out while you’re at it:)

And big, huge, gigantic thanks to our pregnant models who came out.

And finally, thank you Jessica, for trusting me to capture your essence. I am blessed and beyond grateful.




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Every Time She Laughs I’m the One Who Falls in Love – Old Town Alexandria Sunrise Engagement PhotoSession

“They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I’m the one who falls in love.” – unknown

This. This quote describes this amazingly adorable couple I had the extreme pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago. When I write a blog post about my clients, I try to find words that fit them and their session. I don’t know where this quote came from, but it was a gift from the internet to me:)

Jen, Jeff and I got together on a Saturday morning … EARLY on a Saturday morning for their engagement session. This lovely couple referred them to me. I remember meeting them back in January to chat wedding photos. I LOVED that they had their wedding notebook and that Jeff is just as involved with all the planning as Jen is. We hit it off right away. The vibe between client and photographer is so important and can make or break your wedding day photos! Anyway, they gave me the distinct honor of photographing their wedding and part of that is engagement photos! Yay! Because I LOVE photographing couples in love!!

Anyway, back to the early Saturday morning. So Jen and Jeff wanted a morning session and I thought well then we have to go for sunrise. I’ve captured sunrise images a couple of times and even though it’s a challenge to get up that early when you’re not used to it, it is so worth it. And their session was no exception.

We decided on Old Town Alexandria and River Farm for their locations to get some of that small town America vibe and lots of fun garden pics. And the stars and planets all aligned for a perfect morning session. Just the Saturday before it was cold and snowing! But this Saturday couldn’t have been a better Spring day.

So we started off at Founders Park on the Old Town waterfront. It was truly magical capturing them at sunrise.

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Then it was time to tool around Old Town. Right off the bat we stumbled upon this kick ass painted garage door at the Torpedo Factory! I had never seen this before and it made a perfect backdrop. The vibrant, energetic, full of life colors match Jen and Jeff’s personalities perfectly. And that’s when the laughter began. These two were silly, fun and laughing the whole time. They made each other laugh and I could feel why they are in love with each other. I mean let’s face it, if you’re with someone who can’t make you laugh then you really need to not be with them! My husband makes me laugh all the time, often at his own expense, which makes it even funnier for me!

33_web 34_web 35-web

Before any of my sessions, I send a questionnaire asking couples how they met, things they like to do, etc … to get some ideas of how their session should unfold. Jen and Jeff like to kickback and have a cocktail or two so I thought, let’s do that. So I grabbed a couple of beers and brought them with me. We found a spot to sit down so they could have their “cocktail” while I snapped some photos. Now, here’s the thing, the bottles were empty. I’m not trying to break any laws or get anyone in trouble, most of the time:) But what’s pretty funny here is that we passed a police cruiser parked right where I wanted to stop and we were being all covert … with empty bottles. What?! I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with carrying some empty bottles around. Anyway, it all worked out and nobody was the wiser.

43_BW_web 37_BW_web 38_BW_web 5_BW_web 39_web combo_7

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Then it was time to change and hit the Farmer’s Market! It was fun to walk around and check out one of the best farmer’s markets in the area. And you know, have fun with vegetables. Tell me you’ve never picked up a cucumber and made a joke about it:) My plan was to see if they would be up for maybe a little dancing in the middle of the market. Sure enough, they didn’t even hesitate. Because they’re awesome like that! I remember one of the vendors getting a pic of them on his cellphone!

51_web combo_6 55_web combo_5 combo_4

13_web 60_web

Then it was time to head to River Farm where they shared some Dandelion wishes, a little picnic and more laughs.

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There was so much laughter and love that morning. There will be so much more at their wedding in September. And I know every time one of them makes the other laugh, they will fall in love all over again. Congratulations Jen and Jeff! Thank you so much for including me in this special time of your life.




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